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Sonntag, 4. März 2012


lately, I tought about the trends of spring season 1012.
lots of beauty magazines talk about pastels and neutral colours but I actually think that it was also trend last year.
I personally don`t really care about what`s trendy and what isn't.
So I searched a lot in the web to find picures of clothes with I think are very trendy and I found some (:
I put the links underneath of the picutures, hope u like it
have a nice day  GINA

Picture 1: this is beautycrush (sammy) she has an amazing youtube channel and her style is amazing, love it!! <3

Picture2: I think that bandanas are a great way for bad hair days and they look so cute all the time.

Picture 3: jupsuits are a great way in the summer if you don't like dresses cause they are also very flattery. jumpsuit were last year a very big trend, but I'm going to wear my ones this year 2!!!

Picture 4: doc martens are acutally very classy, but you can buy them in some crazy colours like those hot pink ones ((: beautycrush has a totally helpful video on youtube, how to style them!!!

picture 5: dresses are for me a must have in summer time!!! i really like floral prints cause they remind me all the time on summer *__*

picture 6: I'm IN LOVE with high waisted hot pants!!! the look so sexy and feminin at the same time!!! I think that they look amamzing if you style them with a oversized big blouse and put the blouse into the pants!!

okayy, hope u like those little style ideas (:
see u next timme :**

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